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Lucy & AnnaBelle's Mom left a comment on The Food Group
"Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I'll have her check with the Vet on this food and see if it…"
4 hours ago
Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle left a comment on The Food Group
"I'm not familiar with this brand. It may well be appropriate for your sister's dog, but the…"
5 hours ago
Lucy & AnnaBelle's Mom left a comment on The Food Group
"Anyone familiar with this brand?  https://www.safedogfood.com/shop/
Back story.  My Sister has a…"
8 hours ago
Paul Velez replied to Paul Velez's discussion Hi
"Thank you.. so clingy dog.. Yours is cute too.. whats her/his name?"
17 hours ago
Nancy, Charlie, and Jinkxy replied to Paul Velez's discussion Hi
"Welcome. Uno is adorable in your profile picture. "
Paul Velez posted a discussion
I am new here.. I have a doggo named Uno... 
Adina replied to Summer's Mom's discussion Doodle coat genetics, puppy predictions, and grooming
""Most likely from some sort of cross breeding in its ancestry. "
THAT is the key and the issue. …"
Jun 26
Mary Bolshakoff, Scott Barton, Brodie and 3 more joined Doodle Kisses
Jun 26
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