What are your opinions on 1-syllable dog names?

I know all the "wisdom" out there seems to say that 2-syllable dog names work the best but a 1-syllable name has crept onto our short list for new puppy (it's a secret!).  

I guess you can do things like repeat the name twice or draw out a vowel in the name to make a longer sound but I don't know how effective that is.  I know a dog named Thor and they just go "Thoooooor!" when they call him or just say his name a bunch of times.

My pets have always had 2-syllable names, my kids have 2 and 3 syllable ones (but the 3-syllable has a 2-syllable nickname that we use 90% of the time).  The two syllables just seem to make the most sense for calling to get a dog or child's attention.



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  • I have had several dogs with one syllable names.  I did not know it was supposed to be a problem and it wasn't.  I had Chan, Storm, Thor, Czar and Roo.  

    • I've known plenty of dogs with 1 syllable names, too.  When we mentioned the name we were thinking of to my parents and DH's both of our moms said "oh but don't dog names need to have 2 syllables?"... both of them have had dogs in the past but it's been a long time.

      I've also found the same advice in several places while doing random searches for dog names.

      Glad to know it was fine for you!

  • One of the dog owners/breeders I most respect insists on 2 syllable call names for dogs. I prefer them myself, but we did just fine with Jack. :)

    • NI mean it's certainly easier with 2 syllables.  So far I think I've shown DH 50+ names and the short list has about 5 on it but the 1 syllable one is winning.  We're getting some new pictures soon and we have another 5 weeks to think about it but those 5 weeks will go fast :p

      DH and I are pretty indecisive with names, we named our daughter and son both while I was in labor lol.  

  • I have Ned and never had a problem with his one syllable name - but then both of my human boys have one syllable names as does my hubby. :-}   We often shorten Clancy to Clance.  Charlie is rarely anything else, maybe because it's just so easy to say.   Personally I think if the name is too long its a PITA. Lol

    • My cousin hyphenated his and his wife's last names to give their kids a 6-syllable last name... It's so long!

      I'd never go more than 2 syllables for a dog, too annoying and you'd just end up using a nickname anyway.

  • I prefer two syllable names too, but plenty of dogs have been fine and can listen to commands with ONE syllable names.  Our border collie "Cass" did fine.  If you LOVE the name and agree on it, I'm sure your doodle will be just fine and able to distinguish.  Dogs can hear the word "food" and "treat" and "walk" from a mile away ;-) They also respond fine to "heel" and "stay" and "sit" ....etc.

    • We do both like the name and haven't found any others (yet) that we can agree on.  Waiting on better pics of the puppy to get a feel for it though.  

      I swear Riley knows the word "dog" because we'll be talking about "the dog" and she shows up.

      • Oh for sure she knows the word "dog", and she knows it means her. All of mine have known that. 

        • She also knows the sound of an Arrowroot cookie package, DH's fault haha.  Other crinkly packaging made of the same material or I'm opening Arrowroot cookies? Riley couldn't care less.  DH opens an arrowroot cookie sleeve? Riley is right there.  

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