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Laurie, there are allegations that Puppy Pawz is not a legitimate rescue, but rather a dog broker who buys puppies from Amish mills and then sells them. Here is a typical post about them:
Reformers - Advocates for Animal Shelter Change in NJ


PUPPY PAWZ RESCUE is NOT, I repeat, NOT a rescue.

The buy their puppies from an AMISH PUPPY MILL in OHIO. They tell you that they are a rescue so that don't have to conform to the regulations for Pet Stores.

They have recently purchased the trailer below to transport these puppies. The woman from Puppy Pawz Rescue is holding an "open house" type of event tomorrow at her home in HOLMDEL.

The Division of Consumer Affairs is well aware of her as is the Holmdel Authorities, and the Authorities in Barneget where here "partner" operates out of his home and keeps puppies in his "shed" in the backyard.

The woman "Theresa" also claims that she "gets the dogs from breeders who can't sell them". That is a LIE!!! She, and "Richard" buy the dogs from an Amish Puppy Mill.


You might want to let your cousin know.

Supposedly this group was busted by the county authorities:


The Holmdel authorities went out to the home where this fake rescue was selling the puppies and they SHUT HER DOWN!!!

She then moved her traveling puppy mill to BARNEGET where the local ACO and the HLEO officer inspecree her traveling side show. The dogs didnt have enough water, the trailer is not suitable for transport and as usual they lied about transporting the puppies!

THIS IS A FAKE RESCUE...please be aware that if you see future posts that she will be selling puppies to please notify the ADMINS of this page.

Buyer be where....



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