2018 Calendars are Ready!!!


Calendars have been "done" since the end of last week.  Thank you for your patience as we waited for CafePress to approve some final changes.  

As you can see above we've got FOUR calendars this year:

1) Labradoodles with one photo per page
2) Goldendoodles with one photo per page
3) Doodles with 4 photos per page
4) Ready, Set, Go! an action shot calendar with one photo per page.

Before purchasing your calendar please note that CafePress does a weird thing with month order and if you don't purposely choose Jan 2018 as your start date, you will get a calendar that starts in November.  So look for that option!

So without further ado you may buy your calendars here ...


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  • Adona,
    My dog Rilee's photo is on the Dec. 2017 page. If I order the calendar to start in Jan. 2018, will Rilee's photo appear on the Dec. 2018 page?
    • The months stay the sam

  • You did a great job, Adina. I really think these are the best calendars we've had in years. 

  • How do we see the calendars?  It was easy last year.

  • These are wonderful! I am so impressed with your calendar design skills and all of the amazing photographers in this group. You all have some amazing talent! And equally beautiful dogs.

  • These are wonderful calendars.  You always do such a nice job choosing a variety of sizes, colors and coat types.  It will be hard to choose.

  • LOVE all of them!  I've ordered 4, can't wait to get them.  Now to keep my mouth shut until Christmas when Kirstie will get a calendar with our Josie, she's gonna be as excited as I was!  Adina, once again thank you for your time and keen eye on such beautiful calendars.  

  • Thanks...I was trying to share the google photos links to the full size images.  Just to make it easier to see, but everything is strewn about in different emails...lol.

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