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Calendars have been "done" since the end of last week.  Thank you for your patience as we waited for CafePress to approve some final changes.  

As you can see above we've got FOUR calendars this year:

1) Labradoodles with one photo per page
2) Goldendoodles with one photo per page
3) Doodles with 4 photos per page
4) Ready, Set, Go! an action shot calendar with one photo per page.

Before purchasing your calendar please note that CafePress does a weird thing with month order and if you don't purposely choose Jan 2018 as your start date, you will get a calendar that starts in November.  So look for that option!

So without further ado you may buy your calendars here ...

25% of DK annual profits go to doodle and dog rescue.

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Thank you.  It was very hard.  We still miss her tremendously.

Debbie, I am so sorry.  I always thought Sundog was as beautiful as the name.  Hugs from me and my boys.

Thank you.  Since her passing, we have seen many sundogs (parhelions) and we like to think she sent them to us.

Debbie, I am so behind and just now reading this about Sundog. I have enjoyed looking at her beautiful pictures on the DK calendar. I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you!! I hope Barney is doing ok without Sundog. Hugs to all of you!

Thank you.  Barney is lonely without his big sis, but he's doing okay.  We all miss her.

Thank you.  We still miss her tremendously.  We are thankful for the time we had with her, even though it was too short.  We so enjoyed taking pictures and we are so happy for the wonderful memories she gave us.  We'll meet again someday.

The photos are all just wonderful!  These Doodles are so beautiful, and so different from one another. I do miss the puppy calendars, though.  They were really my favorite. 

Yay! Ordered them.  

Fantastic job Adina.  All the calendars are really sensational!

Aww! These are SO cute!



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