2019 Calendars are Ready!

Calendars have been "done" for a bit, but cafepress is having a glitch where we can't see the images on each month.  If you're feeling brave and want to order anyway, go for it!


Like last year, we've got FOUR calendars this year:

1) Labradoodles with one photo per page
2) Goldendoodles with one photo per page
3) Doodles with 4 photos per page
4) Ready, Set, Go! an action shot calendar with one photo per page.

If you want to see the photos, just click on the links above for each calendar...

Also always unwrap and look at your calendar before you give it as a gift. Sometimes they goof and any printing/production issues are something you have to take up with CafePress so you can get a refund or fix.

So without further ado you may buy your calendars here ...


P.S. Some people ask if they get a free calendar if their dog's photo is in the calendar.  Unfortunately, that's not an option because we make a commission of CafePress sales--so we don't own any calendars to give away.  

P.P.S 25% of DK annual profits go to doodle and dog rescue.

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  • These links DO allow you to see each page!!! YAY!

  • The order page for Lots a doodles indicates January to December it doesn't let me pick?  Am I good to go, I'm so use to specifying I'm perplexed now? lol 

    • Looks like they are all that way. Maybe that has something to do with the "glitch".

    • May be safer to order by phone?

    • wondering the same thing.  I ordered a couple and hope they start in January

    • You are probably safe then.  I will take off that warning as perhaps they changed it back to normal this year.

  • They are all GORGEOUS!   If you click on one you can scroll through them on full screen

  • If that's what it looks like then they must have changed again this year.  Which is good.  That odd pick-your-own-start-month was ridiculous.  

  • Looks like they must have changed things back to normal!

  • Something is not right with how things look on our end, even though all calendar orders should have gone through fine.  I'm taking the calendars off until I can get ahold of someone at CafePress tomorrow.

This reply was deleted.