We are having the Holiday Card Exchange again this year but since we can't open a new group we're signing up differently this year.  If you are interested in sharing cards this year please do so by just sending your name and address by email to doodlecardexchange@gmail.com.  Mindy is gathering all the names and addresses and will send you the list around December 1st.  I know this is very different from prior years but we're hoping all of you will want to continue or start sharing your doodle love this holiday season.  If you haven't done this before you can check out the groups from prior years.  Each year has the title HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE.  

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  • Thank  you again for doing  this, Rae and Mindy! I am sorry it has been so complicated. I love this part of the Holiday season. Address sent!

  • Rae and Mindy!  Yes, thank you for keeping the card exchange tradition alive ... so sorry for the difficulties.  Hopefully things will start to go smoother.  Thank you again for your time and hard work.  : )

  • Each year I have also done a holiday card exchange by e-mail.  The people who want to receive cards in the mail are not the same as people who want to do a cheap, quick share by e-mail.   Last year I did not do it, but did for several years before that.  I have relocated to Oregon and would be glad to get names and e-mail addresses again this year.  I gather the names (people and dogs) and their e-mail addresses and then send the entire list out to the willing participants.  You just make a card on your computer and send it out to everyone on your list.  You can send addresses to my page.

  • Mitzy Helwig

    749 Resor Ave 

    New Orleans LA 70123


    • Mitzi, You have to email your address to doodlecardexchange@gmail.com.

  • Have we had many people sign up yet??

    • Good question!


      • I signed up!  I hope we have a good response! I love this part of the holidays!


      • Yes, I'm wondering how many cards to order.


        • The last I heard, which was last week, there were 45.  Probably will be more by the end of the month.

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