2020 Calendars are Ready!

Guess what's ready!?
The 2020 Doodle Kisses Calendars!



Like last year, we've got FOUR calendars this year too.  Click on the links below for a preview of the pages:

1) Labradoodles with one photo per page
2) Goldendoodles with one photo per page
3) Doodles with 4 photos per page
4) Oh My Doodle because...why not?

Always unwrap and look at your calendar before you give it as a gift. Sometimes they goof and any printing/production issues are something you have to take up with CafePress so you can get a refund or fix.


So without further ado you may buy your calendars here ...


P.S. Some people ask if they get a free calendar if their dog's photo is in the calendar.  Unfortunately, that's not an option because Cafe Press is a print-on-demand service and we make a commission from what CafePress sells--in other words we don't own any calendars to give away.  

P.P.S 25% of calendar sales go to doodle and dog rescue.

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