2020 Doodle Card Exchange!

Hi All! Hopefully everyone will see this and this is the best place to post. We have kicked off the 2020 doodle card exchange.  If you'd like to join please email your mailing address to doodlecardexchange@gmail.com.  The cut off is 11/30 and the list will be sent out to all on 12/1!  Hope to have you'll join us!  Spread the word. ☺️

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  • Do you want me to send a message to past participants or the whole website about this?

    • Yes please!  That would be fantastic!  I did send an email to those who participated last year.  

      • How's it looking Mindy? Are you getting a good amount of replies?

        • Hi I have about 45 addresses so far!  ☺️

  • Absolutely!  I LOVE this tradition!

  • As usual, not to take away from the doodle cards, I will offer to do a virtual card exchange.  If you want to do a virtual card exchange, send me your name and e-mail address.  I will combine the names and make a list of all participants and mail it to everyone who wishes to participate.  It is just another way to share our great doodles and inexpensive way to participate.  Make one card and mail it to everyone on your list.

    • I would love to be part of the Virtual Exchange as well!

      • Please post your e-mail address.  That is all that is needed.


        • Not a good idea to post an email here in the open forum, it's completely public. She should send it to you privately.

            • I would think private messages would be the way to do it, they would have to friend you. Check your inbox and friend requests. 


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