• I know of 5 people (including me) who submitted, but that's it. 

  • I don't know that I could give you an accurate number.  As I go through them, I delete obviously bad photos immediately.  And once the emails are open I can't really tell how many came in.  Entries were way down in general, I would guess about 300.  

    • Thanks.

    • Well, three hundred is still very do-able for another year of great Doodle Calendars.  These calendars are my very favorite...great pictures and great quality.  Once again, thank-you Adina for your tireless work on this calendar.  

    • Seems the deadline was earlier this year.  I remember it being later in the moth and found this thread today while hunting for info about when it might be.  😢

  • I know three including me, Now I guess I know 4 with Nancy.

    • I can only hope next year we all come out of the dark and get a group going to share and critique pictures for the next year's calendar!


      • Has the deadline for submissions passed?  I wanted to submit but did not get notification.  Was just hunting around to see when photos are due.

        • Oh no!  Yes, the deadline was Sept. 14th.  Adina announced it on this site and on the DK FB site also.  

          • Wow, that's much earlier than in the past!😢. I had some cute pics.

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