Hi Doodle Lovers! Some of you are super savvy when it comes to the Internet and others are a little bit new...or at least new to forums. Wherever you happen to be, please know that you can always message me with questions or if you need help figuring out how to navigate around Doodle Kisses. To help answer questions that many people might have I have started "Notes" section--look at the tabs across the top of your page and between "Blogs" and "Photos" you'll now see notes! Based on the most frequently asked questions and things I think might be helpful I will occasionally post tutorials, etc. For example, the latest tutorial is on how to tag pictures--check it out here. Coming up next will be a tutorial on all the various ways to post/exchange/share pics with others on Doodle Kisses. Again if there is something you need help with, send me a private message and I will do my best to find an answer and if needed, post a Note on it for all.

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