I'm curious...what type of dog would you have gotten if you didn't get a doodle? Or are there other pure breeds you love? Me? Well...I love athletic short hair breeds like Weimaraners and Pointers. I have also recently been interested in smooth coated Collies and love the big dorky mellow Great Danes. Belgian Malinois are kinda neat looking. And some English Mastiffs are just adorable. Oh and one day I think it would be fun to have a sighthound like a Saluki or Borzoi. Love St. Bernard's but don't ever want the drool. Finally...if I could guarantee I'd get one with a perfect temperament I think I'd like a pit bull. I love how athletic they look and their drive when it is harnessed for good. But I'm still a little afraid of them... How about you?

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  • hmmm I don't know. I think I'd have a Lab or a Retreiver...if they didn't shed...oh wait that's a doodle, right! HA

    maybe a small dog...if they could be a running partner too :) So a Shitzu wouldn't work probably.
    • My Shih-tzu/Cavalier mix loves to run with me in the woods!
  • Eeek! What is that you speak of? Other what??
    Although, I would have to say that I too like the Weimaraners, and the Airedales (if their temperament was good). I also like Puggles. But in all honesty I am 100% sure I would get another doodle and someday I will. Maybe a Schnoodle or and Aussie Doodle.
  • I am going with a smaller Shih-tzu next and a Parti Doodle or a Goldendoodle!!
  • Okay, this is just my personal opinion .......

    I'm very picky - have a lot of "don't wants" like short hair shedding, yapping, drooling, dog smell etc.
    For me the very best, mellowest, pretty darned smart and sweetest dogs are collies - next to our doodles that is! I had one and the hair and shedding was not a problem - they just "blow" their undercoat once a year. They have high power blowers these days and he would just get his coat blown out by a groomer plus I would keep it up in between. Oh, and I have a rule - I always get my dogs and cats to match my floor or carpet color! Works for me.
  • I have to add something. As much as I was not into long haired dogs before I learned about doodles...I almost can't imagine having a short haired breed. I'm so used to the fluffy softness of my dogs, that the rest just don't seem cuddle worthy -- like where is their hair? Not that I don't like all those other breeds I mentioned, but it's just not the same petting short haired dogs like it is petting my fluffy Rosco.
  • I used to have a scottie and a westie and I was seriously thinking about a westie until I discovered the doodle breeds.....

    the terriers were always a little too temperamental for me..... whereas the doodles are such love bugs.
  • I'm getting either a cavapoo or a cockapoo in the spring. I love my doodle but I need a fluffy, curly, lap dog as well.
  • We have four Maltese who are the family dogs and Holly's best friends. Two of the Maltese are rescues, one is an AKC champion (who has since been neutered) and one little girl is a sweet four-pounder with the heart of a rottweiler.
    In addition to our Maltese, we always like to have a large dog in the family. Holly is a replacement for our Sara-Lee who was a most beautiful and wonderful Golden Retriever - German Shepherd - Wolf cross. Sara died from cancer in early 2007 and we investigated a replacement for about a year before we luckily obtained our Holly.. What originally interested us in Goldendoodles was that we loved the influence of the Golden retriever genes in Sara and how she was such a sweet and loving companion. The major drawback with Sara was that she would shed bushel baskets of hair, not just twice a year - she seemed to shed all year long. We wanted a big dog who would not shed as profusely. Enter the Goldendoodle. Holly sheds a bit but, it is so minor that it is no problem.
    I honestly never thought that I would ever have a dog to equal Sara-Lee but, Holly is well on her way to doing that. What surprised me is that Holly, while not a guard dog by any means, is becoming a great watch dog. When there is someone on our property, you can hear the little Maltese bark which would not bother an intruder. Suddenly Holly chimes in with a much louder and deeper bark - which I am sure (especially when she arrives at full growth and full bellow) would influence an intruder's decision to enter our home. Of course, if he did - Holly would probably lick him to death. But he wouldn't know that to hear her deep bark.
    • Aww what a beautiful dog--I bet you miss her:(
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