Holly Shares

I was feeding our 50 pound Goldendoodle, Holly, and didn't realize that her buddy, Dandy, our five pound Maltese, was in the room. Dandy decided that Holly's chow looked good and decided to help himself. That was just fine with Holly. She shares everything with her Maltese buddies, chow, chewies and toys.I have never known a dog as mellow as Holly. She is just the sweetest dog I have ever owned. She doesn't have an aggressive, mean or possessive bone in her darling body.

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  • What a sweet picture, what a great doodle you have. You really got lucky with your Holly =)
  • Our doodle is like that too, but was unsure if it the nature of the breed, or because she is younger than our small dog(??)
    • That's hilarious! How funny =)
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