Just recently she has not been able to walk on her left hind leg, after her consultation they had recommended surgery, but they also said that they saw problems in her right knee and that she has hip displacsia. I am just looking for any advice on the type of surgery to consider and if this is common or rare for doodles. She is only 2 years old this month.Thanks for any input!

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  • Oh, poor Bella. I know a few doodles (from the internet) who have had hip surgery for hip dysplasia. They've all had really great recovery. What has your vet suggested so far? Have you informed the breeder? Do you get any financial reimbursement due to the hip dysplasia? I would hope you'd get some via the health guarantee to at least help with the cost.
  • I have a labrador that has had both knees done when he was young. So this is bound to get into the doodle line at some stage. My lab has recovered very well and is enjoying life like all dogs.
    Good luck
    • We have an experienced surgeon here at Ohio State that specializes in the TPLO procedure, but have heard the TTA method is much less invasive therefore has faster recovery time and with the same long term benefits.... any opinion on either method?
  • I have a Labrador that has had both knees done. Hi procedure involved a band being tied around/through the joint to strengthen it.
    He was up and walking in no time at all. the biggest problem was trying to slow him done during recovery
  • My in-laws' goldendoodle had hip dysplasia. Surgery went well, but it was hard to keep her from jumping/climbing stairs during the recovery period.
    This problem is very common in the breed, but most breeders extensively test the parents to try to prevent the disease from being passed on to the puppies.
    Do you have a health guarantee that helps cover the cost of surgery? Many breeders offer 2 or 3 year health guarantees covering hip dysplasia.
    I am sorry you are going through this.
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