• I've got it on DVR; thought the girls may want to watch it with me!
  • you know why there's no doodle right? because we'd all fall in love and he'd steal the show!
  • Yes - we watched it. We thought it was Ok. It moved a little slow - fortunately we had it on TIVO so we could fast forward through some of the slow stuff.

    I thought the "Bark" mitzvah was a neat idea. Elvis must be a very spoiled dog.

    It must be tough for all the people and their dogs to be in one house - I wonder how they all really get along.

    It does appear that the dogs are all very well behaved and trained. Better than some of the people.
    • Some of them are well behaved...that giant schnauzer's first move of climbing up on the table was a bit ill behaved...but so far none of them have ripped any other dog's head off! But I'm not so confident on their training. The border collie mix seemed to be on top of things, but so many dogs didn't come respond on the first, second, or third made me wonder how they made it past the audition. Then again they weren't looking for dogs DONE being trained...just interesting pairs I think. They were better than the average person's dog I think, but they have work to do. I just really want to see the training as it's being done. It was silly, but I think I will watch next week!
      • yes silly is what I would say. Love the outdoor doggy house and the indoor doggy suite...totally creative and got me right away. I love when people think outside the box, pure entertainment.

        I was glad to see "hollywood" go or whomever he was, I couldn't stand hearing him yell at his dog like that one more minute, my neighbors' kids do that with their dog...thankfully I'm able to tell my children, "see that's not what we do.." LOL

        but I love the old man and his pup, and the bulldog duo (too cute) but my absolute favorite is the boxer pup, although they aren't doing well. The border collie that dog got it, didn't he with the table? so smart.

        and lastly one more thing to get on a rant, I thought the show would be very decent for my kids to watch and a family show...but no it's REAL WORLD FOR DOGS...which makes it very disappointing for me. I really wanted my son specifically to watch it and maybe get some ideas on fun tricks we can teach Paddington to do...oh well. (we need cable so I can get Animal Planet)
        • Oh KJ, thanks for the heads up about the kids. I had DVR'd it, thinking the girls would like it too. I'll just watch it on my own late some night I guess.
        • You're right about "Real World" -- but as always it's those darn human dramas that are making the cut. THAT part is annoying. Just show me the dogs, show me the actual training and stop with the people drama.
          • for real. let's see I was really ranting there wasn't I...LOL

            I'll be sure to watch it though...I'm a sucker for reality tv...just not with the kiddos. I said it's REAL WORLD FOR DOGS...what I should've said was Real World WITH Dogs! LOL
  • Yes, we watched it too. we liked it, but I too coulnd believe the dogs weren't better trained than that. I loved the pomeranian as far as looks--he was too cute!!
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