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What does ROMP stand for? We had 4 doodles at the Greenway Park on Monday. If I can find enough Doodles in the area, I'd love to plan a romp. Couldn't remember what the letters stand for when I was telling someone about them.

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I assumed it just meant 'romp' as in throw yourself around and have a good time for doggies.
I read somewhere (cannot remember where) that it stood for something. I also thought it meant just a 'romp' until I read that. Maybe it was on IDOG. Hmmmm -strange - could be totally my imagination.
I also don't think it is an acronym.  It means like to dance and run around - like ROMPER ROOM.  Playing, having fun together, romping!  If your area has a group at DoodleKisses, you might advertise a romp there.  I am a member of NorCal Doodles and we suggest times for romps there all the time.  Usually there are some takers, but it is a pretty large area.  Of course, IDOG has their romps all over the place in April - coming up before long.  I'm sure you will find some doodles in your area who would love to romp with other doodles.
LOL Romper Room - my DH said to our 8-year-old daughter one night "Kelsey quit jumping around like its Romper Room"  Kelsey "what? why you calling me a romp-a-roo?"  LOL  She had no clue what Romper Room was! I had to find video's on YouTube to show her Miss Molly :-) We felt old.
Found it on IDOG - Responsible Owners Mannerly Pets
Well there you go...we learn something new every day!!!!!  I like Donna's explanation better!
They took the real word romp and made it into a slogan of sorts.  But that acronym is not where the word comes from.  It just means to frolic, run, play. Which is essentially what a romp is about.
I think Doodle Romp should stand for Running Outside Mostly Playing. :>)

I totally agree.


I like this interpertation!
It doesn't really stand for something it's an actual word.  From an online dictionary:
  • frolic: play boisterously; "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the playroom"



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