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My Labradoodle, Koda has very hair-like thin fur on his legs. Because of this he sometimes gets dry scabs on his elbows (only on his front paws and no where else on his body). We have a lot of tile in our home and he loves to lay there after playing outside or going for a walk. I have noticed that his elbows get worse and better with the amount of time he spends on tile. When I notice they are getting worse I put ointment on them to help and I do think that does help somewhat. But I was wondering of anyone else has this problem and if anyone knows any way to prevent or help this problem.

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I think the elbow problem is actually a labrador trait. Most labs if not all have dry elbows because they like to craw around with their elbows. I was told the best thing is, as you are already doing, to put some balm on them (we use bag balm) and if they really do get bad, use ointments. I hope this reassures you somewhat!
Our Ziggy has this on primarily 1 front elbow. We watch it because if a hair gets caught up in the callous it could cause a little infection. A little A & D ointment softens it. It's a callous that forms from clunking down onto the floor. We have hard wood floors and he "not so gracefully" thumps down quite often, more so on the left side I guess. It's pretty common for bigger dogs.



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