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Need that expect advice that you all give. I got a call this morning that a 3 month old
goldendoodle like Duffy needs to be re-homed. I thought it would be great for Duffy to have a companion but it is a male. I phoned a friend who is a dog walker she said that two males will keep marking their territory to out do each other. Is this true does anyone have 2 males? And do you have this problem? I need to let them know today.
Does it make sense to have 2?

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Thanks, I meant marking in the house.
We have 2 males and 1 female. They have NEVER marked in the house.
We have two male labradoodles - no problems at in in the house or outside.
We had two neutered male labs for years without any problems and now have a male labradoodle and a male poodle mix without any problems. I have always heard that two neutered males get along better than two females. Not sure where I heard it or if it is true=].
I agree with this.

...and to the poster: I think males who have a problem with marking will continue to mark if they are not trained to know that it is NOT acceptable. Check out some obedience dog training books that other have suggested in other discussions.
Go for it! It will be the most fun you've ever had. I've had 2 males of various breeds over the years, currently a goldendoodle and a standard poodle. Have never had a problem with marking in the house. My guys are the best buds, provide easy exercise partners and just enjoy being together. The provide our family with lots of fun just watching the two of them play together and enjoy life. If you can afford a 2nd dog, and have the time for training, I say, go for it!
I agree

I have had 2 males of various breeds over the years as well and never had any issues
at the moment I have 2 male Labradoodle pups


they are quite the characters and I also enjoy watching them romp and play with each other

It makes sense to have 2!!
I hope you have him home now as I type this.
If your first boy doesn't mark he isn't going to start now because hr has a buddy!!
He'll be happy to have a playmate, 2 doods are even more fun then 1!!

I hope you get him.
I have two male labradoodles. No problems at all. Mine are three years old and seven months both neutered no marking.
Karen G.
What an emotional weekend, my girlfreind who was offered the whoodle got a mini goldendoodle (9weeks old) instead, this puppy was orginally offered to me along with the 3 month old so I told her to take the the lil one and I will take the older one. As for me after reading all the wonderful things you all wrote, I along with my family was hyped up about getting a playmate for Duffy. It turns out that we are all a little sad tonight, this dog was older then I had been told which didn't bother me but it was very timid & scared. I feel that my home which has very active children & a hyper Duffy would not be the best home for this guy. I am happy for my girlfreind and her family & I will still be opened to getting another dog if the opportunity arises. Thank you all again for the wonderful support on both discussion, as always it was very helpful.



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