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Thought you guys might like to see this. This is a doodle that I placed with a little two year old boy about a month ago and the picture if it comes through is of him reading to his dog. That is huge for this little boy. This is one of those special cases when positives can be seen almost immediately. Let me know if we can see the pics because I am not sure how to do this yet.

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That is so cute!!
This is precious!
Thank you, for sharing...absolutely awesome!
This is wonderful!......Thank you Mary for all that you do.....
That is the sweetest picture!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes!!
I was very moved at the pics,thank you for sharing. I do a childrens music program for preschool children and I love to hear these stories. You are doing a grand service.I can also vouch for Doodles. Our Boss at the daycare saw Luna in the car and asked if she could visit the children. I was a little tentative,only because I had never seen her with so many children but she was a trooper. we tried one at a time but it was more like a tidalwave of tiny hands and squeels but "LOONEY" fell right into all the love. I loved that the 2 year class, who didn't have a huge vocab all had no problem with Luna's name except it came out Guna! When I left I was so proud of my sweet Doodle. I am currently looking for a therapy dog class here in Indy. Keep up the great work!
That's awesome. Usually during the course of training we go and visit some daycares for special needs kids and they sure do love it.
LOVE IT :) Thanks for sharing :)
That's one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen. That picture speaks VOLUMES!



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