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Hi, my 4 yr old doodle has been potty trained for years with zero issues. He uses the backyard and is let out first thing in the morning, first thing when we get home from work, and 2-3 more times in an evening. Over the past 2 weeks he has begun peeing/pooping in the house a couple of times a week. The first time it happened we blew it off, but it seems to be picking up in frequency now and I'm trying to understand why and what to do to counteract. I just discovered a huge soft poop on the living room rug!  Any ideas? 

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If the accidents are only happening when he is alone at home, the temporary solution is to gate him in a kitchen or laundry room, or crate him, when you leave the house. I'd also go outside with him rather than letting him out on his own, so you can be sure he's doing his business outside before you leave. 

There's no way to know for sure what could be causing this. Have his mealtimes or eating habits changed? Have you recently been leaving him alone for longer periods of time? Any other recent changes in the household routine? Kids back to school, etc? Any of those things could play a role in this. Some dogs do develop separation anxiety as they get older. 

Thanks for replying! Didn't think about gating him when we leave because it's been so long since we had to do anything like that! He was crate trained and used the crate for his first 1-2 yrs. He only does this when we leave, so maybe separation anxiety although he doesn't freak out when we leave or when we return - he has always been super chill, and haven't seen any classic signs (outside of the accidents). 

Our most recent changes to routine have been: moving to a new house in April, and no changes to diet except we've been softening his dry food with hot water before his evening meal because he eats more that way. 

Now it seems like it's not separation anxiety. No poop or pee in the house all week and we've left the house for work/school Wed-Fri. This morning I wake up to find a large dump on the kitchen floor in what is becoming a regular spot!! No idea why or what to do.... He is being let out enough.

Well, if it's happening in the early a.m., I'd confine him at night. Where does he normally sleep?

What time is his last feeding at night? Do you take him outside before bed? It sounds like he isn't able to "hold it" overnight for the length of time from his last meal or snack until you get up to let him out. 

Does he have a way to let you know he has to go? 



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