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We lost Colter, our 8 yr old Goldendoodle, suddenly, a couple months ago.  The vet thinks he had an internal bleed.  I rescued him from a puppy mill in PA.  He had been beaten and starved...because of his red tear staining all down his face, he couldn't be sold for top dollar, so they abused him.  It took a year before he felt safe enough to eat his food, and even more time to get him to stop shaking whenever he saw a man with a baseball cap.  He was the best dog.  My Golden Retriever lost his best canine friend, and I lost one of my special kids.  

We are now hoping to find a healthy Dood to join our family.  Golden or Labradoodle. We live in the Adirondacks of NY.  

If anyone knows of a dog who needs a forever home, please let us know.  Thank you so much!

Loril and Caiden

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So terribly heart breaking  I am so sorry.  I am always amazed that people can go through so much pain, yet be ready to love again.  That part is wonderful.  

So very sorry for your loss!  The perfect pup will find you, I believe you find just what you need, big hugs.

I am sorry for your loss.  R.I.P. Colter.

I'm so sorry for your loss Loril.  It's so hard to lose a good dog. 

For finding a rescue I would apply to DRC as someone above mentioned, also follow IDOG Rescue on Facebook.  And finally, go to and do a search for Poodle and Standard Poodle (you have to use the filter function to choose a breed) within either 100 miles from your zip code or "anywhere."  I would choose "anywhere" to expand the search.  And then set an alert for the search and you will get an email notification each time a new poodle mix dog is added.  If you aren't looking for a small or medium dog, then also select "Large" and "xLarge" in the search to limit to bigger dogs.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so sad the things people do to dogs, but I am happy Colter found his way to you. Hugs to all of you!



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