A BIG THANK YOU from me and Boca.   Don't be put off by her very serious face, it takes a lot of focus to NOT eat this delicious thank you card she's sharing with you (The donut is not real, but the kibble is!)


What am I thanking you for?  For all the podcast downloads!  It shows you're listening and it makes me so happy because I truly am enjoying creating these episodes and finding interesting, knowledgeable, and/or fun guests.  


If you haven't listened to any of The Doodle Kisses Podcast yet...what are you waiting for?  You can download episodes via your favorite podcast app, or if you haven't gotten that far in the world of podcasts, you can get them on the podcast website: podcast.doodlekisses.com


Feel free to send feedback anytime.  Email me (admin @ doodlekisses.com)  or send me a private message.  

New episode coming next Monday!  



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  • We have really enjoyed the podcasts. 

  • I'm so glad it's working out. I have really enjoyed all the episodes so far! I try to save them for when I'm in the car so I don't get bored while driving.

  • Adina, Jane - I just finished listening to your pocast episode and I wanted to tell you that I loved it! I think some of Murphy's more challenging years were before I found doodlekisses, so I didn't know all the details. I'm really impressed with the way you've managed Murphy. I really do think things happen for a reason. I bet Murphy's original family wouldn't have been able to manage him, and I know I would have really struggled with his reactivity and my ability to be firm and consistent. He was just meant to be your boy. And I absolutely agree that training is so important with our dogs. It just makes their lives better, and ours too!

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