Adina, thank you SO much for all that you do! This page has been such a great resource for all things doodle since we brought Stella home in 2011. This year is especially no exception! Stella suffered for two years with infections (ear and body) and allergies (constant paw licking). Her vet put her on months of antibiotics which didn't help. Her dermatologist suggested washing her every other day and applying duoxo mousse to affect areas + apoquel. All of this was getting us nowhere until I listened to your podcast and found out about allergy testing! As it turns out, one of the biggest culprits for Stella is HUMAN dander! Imagine our surprise.  She is also allergic to molds found in grass and various air borne pollens. We are SO excited to start treatment and we're hopeful that this will help her. Thank you again! Katrine, Stella & Stephen                                                                                                                                                                                           8055694865?profile=RESIZE_710x8055695873?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • That was one of the best podcasts ever. Of course, it pretty much validated everything I've been telling people here about allergies, veterinary dermatologists, and allergy testing for the past 12 years, lol. My Jack was tested back in 2008 and the immunotherapy treatment was very successful for him. I hope it is for your dog as well. 

    • Thank you Karen! Forgot to mention that the dermatologist had suggested a prescription food diet as well. She thought that allergy testing was a waste of time 🙄 

      • The dermatologist thought testing was a waste of time?????? Oh my! Who did the testing then????
        Jack's dermatologist was the one who wanted to do testing, and she was firmly opposed to Apoquel in most cases. Apoquel is typically given by GP vets who don;t refer you to derm specialists. 

        • Yes, she discouraged it. She even prescribed a special fish oil the last time we saw her and that did nothing. She also prescribed the apoquel as well as our vet. Due to covid she was replaced by another lovely vet who was all too happy to do the procedure! This new vet specializes in animal alleriges so she was happy to do the procedure. 

          • So the new vet is a dermatology specialist? 
            Fish oil is actually very helpful for atopy in dogs, but not by itself. The Omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA do help with itching and inflammation as part of a treatment plan. 

            • Yes, she is a dermatologist 😊

  • How exciting that you found the culprits and can get her allergies under control.

    • Thank you Nancy!


  • So glad it was helpful to you!

    • Yes, thank you so much Adina!

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