A Change In Plans

We were planning to bring our F1B Goldendoodle home April 18 but..... I spoke to the breeder today and (complicated story) looks like it will be a F1B Labradoodle instead! I guess I was thinking and talking about a Goldendoodle for so long it took me a few minutes to decide if it makes a difference. We've decided that it doesn't and so... just 1 week to wait!

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  • I find myself drawn to the goldendoodle look but I have a labradoodle and he is great. What is really funny is that his "twins" are 2 goldendoodles! Their owners and I marvel at how much alike they are in pictures.
    • Your Ned is adorable! I hope our baby will be as cute!
      • Your sweetie will be!!! Male/female? Color? Ned is considered apricot. His ears were darker when he was a pup but the rest of him has pretty much stayed the same.
  • I think that is great! Samantha is a LD and she is fantastic!!
  • Well I just picked the kids up from school and it took a few minutes for them to adjust to the idea but they're fine with it. It's funny, I've been talking about getting a goldendoodle for years, probably 'cause we had a golden retriever. But after spending the last 6 weeks on this site, I don't think it matters. Thanks for helping me to learn about doodles! btw it's a girl! We are off to the beach on Easter Sunday and then we will get her next weekend. I'll probably spend my whole vacation thinking about her!
  • And I had my heart set on a mastiff. I had no idea what kind of dog I would bring home that day. Yes, things do happen for a reason. I am so happy to be doodlekissed. I wonder if you were never told, would you have ever known? Many times when I look at pictures on here, I have to go the page to read what type of doodle I am actually looking at.
  • My second was going to be another cockapoo, but a labradoodle melted our hears :)
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