Hi everyone,

There are probably a few things left to get for Nilla's arrival, but not immediate things.

What do I brush a 11 week old Goldendoodle (that resembles more of a Golden Retreiver coat) with?

Also, at what point do I shampoo/dry shamoo her?  Any better products out there?


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  • I would bathe her whenever you decide she needs a bath but less than weekly. 

    I like the Chris Christensen T pin brush. You can buy on Amazon. 

    • Great...thanks!

    • I second that brush :)  I will say though that the tines may be too long/separated for brushing out undercoat if Nilla does end up having a shedding undercoat.

      *IF* her hair stays short I would suggest a Furminator too because it worked super well with our Luna's coat.  She was a flat-coated F1 goldendoodle. 

      If she "doodles out" and sheds (like our Riley!) we use something like this:


      No clue whether it would work well on a flat coat but Riley has a dense undercoat and it works super well.

      You'll also want a straight comb for mats and legs, it's harder to brush legs:



      For shampoo just get a puppy shampoo of some kind, they tend to be a bit more gentle for puppy skin.  Some of them are supposedly "tear-free" which is a bonus. 

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      • Yeah it's not the best for matting dogs.  Mine were all F1 shedders :)

        But it's very comfy and great to start a puppy on so the experience is pleasant.

        • Yes it's the only brush I would say Riley "enjoys" lol.  We have the oval one, I just grip it sideways if I'm working on a tough spot so it does work ok for mats but the straight comb or that other comb I linked is better.


  • I found that bathing is such a good time for bonding.  Just take it slow so she gets used to it since you never know how much they will like the water - some just love it and others are fearful.  Same with brushing and grooming.

  • Thanks everyone...all very helpful!

  • At first, the brush you use doesn't matter as much as getting her used to being brushed.  Once hr coat begins to grow and it beomes more obvious what type of coat she is going to have and whether she has an undercoat or not, you can purchase tools that are more appropriate to what her coat is.  Good brushes and combs can be expensive and while very worth the cost, you might as well wait a bit to see what type of brush is needed.  I think you could get a simple pet store slicker brush or pin brush for now.

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