We said Goodbye to our Buddy in September, he was 13 and my Best Friend.  He was up for anything and couldn't wait for me to give morning snuggles and ask him the question "what do you want to do today Buddy?"  We will miss him forever and he will be forever in our hearts and memory.  Smartest, Funniest, Sassiest and Sweetest dog I have ever had.

January 6th we Welcomed a new boy into our family.  His name is Baci (means kiss in italian).  I am sure Buddy had some say in us choosing this little stinker.  He is an Aussiedoodle that just melts your heart.  Of course that is when he isn't trying to eat you with those teeth.  Kona is adjusting and he is helping us heal.  We are all very tired from not enough sleep and constant vigilance with the new puppy.  I am hoping to be here on DK more, it has been too long and I miss the wonderful discussions, advice and friendship!3364242648?profile=originalBuddy


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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  Your new little baby is so sweet.

    • Thank you Jennifer!

  • I am so glad to see you back.  You have so much to contribute to discussions here.

    • It's good to be back!  I need some puppy support too LOL

  • I am sorry for your loss of sweet Buddy.  Baci is adorable.  Puppies are great heart healers.

    • Thank you Anne.  There is so much of Buddy in this new little guy.  Even my husband says it is uncanny.  We got a good one :)

  • So sorry about Buddy. Just lost my 13 year old Dakota and completely understand how you feel. I too know of only one way to get through a loss as detestation day as Dakota, and that is with a new puppy! My new little one was born the day after I lost Dakota and will be home with me on March 23 . . . 

    • Thank you Diane.  I saw your post about Dakota and so sorry for your family too.  I am very excited you are getting a new little one.  It will help and we can commiserate on all things puppy :)

  • That's a wonderful photo of Buddy!   And Baci is so adorable!  Sorry for the loss of your best friend.

    • Thanks DonMarie, he was such a photogenic dog!  Now I'll have to practice with a little black face, same head tilt though....

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