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I always love seeing these types of things in the forum so I thought I would add this here. I saw this today and it was really just so sweet. Worth a look! Yet another story about how the love of a dog can heal us and make our lives better.

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I completely agree Camilla.....This is very special!

Thanks for posting this.  I love it!

Makes my heart smile big time! :)

Thank you, Camilla, I needed this! 

Such a lovely story

I saw this special story on FB...amazing!

This is a lovely story. Thanks for posting it.
What an incredible pair! The courage of people and dogs is wonderful.

What a special story.  Thanks so much for sharing.

Such a great story!! 

Thanks for sharing Camilla....awesome.

Heartwarming in an understatement.  It made us tear up.  Just makes the "love for dogs" even greater!  The sharing of love between that little guy and his best friend is very beautiful.  Also, Diane Sawyer covered this story last night.



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