•  I'm actually shocked that it isn;t more than that, lol. I thought we hit 20,000 years ago!

    • Maybe it was and the numbers got lost, like a lot of other things, with the format change. 

  • Our membership is so huge compared to the number of people who actually participate in discussions.  

    • Smart phones are the sole reason for the drop in participation. They have really ruined a lot of things I used to enjoy.

      • I think it was when Facebook became more of a draw for DK people and the new format. For a long time I never got notified of new discussions.

      • I noticed a drop in participation because of Facebook. I hate FB!

      • I think social media has a lot to do with it.  People use websites to get information but not to participate in discussions anymore, that all happens on things like Facebook, reddit etc.

      • But Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. all involves smart phones. The smart phones were the beginning of all of it.

        • I use my iPad and only got involved with FB because so many DK people migrated there.

  • Maybe because when it was 10,000 or less, the steady members were one big happy family where we knew each other's doodles as well as our own and FB hadn't usurped the social aspect of the site. I'd have thought we'd have reached 20,000 before now. 

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