Ok so I doubt anyone knows how to fix this because I'm pretty sure Riley is just being weird...but when I call her in from outside now that there is snow on the steps she jumps right up the first three steps onto the landing.  This wouldn't be a problem except when she jumps she slides forward, carrying a bunch of snow straight from the landing right into the house and all over me.  I kneel down to get her unhooked from her tether when she comes in.  So I end up covered in snow, so does the rug at the entrance, then my 10 month old crawls over and starts eating snow before I can get it  cleaned up..anyway lol it's something silly but it's annoying.

I guess the only thing might be to keep the steps cleared of snow so she remembers she can put her feet there too?  She's always been nervous around steps for some reason, she loves snow though so I'm not sure why she is avoiding the snowy steps.

Here is a pic of the steps, you can see her skid marks on the landing lol.  Silly kangaroo dog.


Bonus pic of Riley just because...shhhhh don't tell DH she is on the couch.


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  • Maybe the tether gets in her way if she tries to just walk up the steps, or she's afraid it will? 

    • Maybe!  She's used it since the spring without this silliness though so the snow definitely has something to do with it.  She also sort of stares nervously at the lower steps before making her big leap so she is freaked out by them somehow.

  • Now you know she just likes the excitement of the outcome.  What's better than a snowball fight!

    • Haha, I wouldn't put it past her, troublemaking is in her blood :p

  • Well the snow melted a bit today and Riley is being civilized about climbing the stairs again.  I guess I'm doomed to shoveling them every snowfall if I don't want the ridiculous jump-slide lol.

    • Is it possible that she slipped on the snow at some point and that's why she's avoiding it? Some dogs are really bothered by losing their footing. 

      • Probably, she slipped on our stairs (they are hardwood) once or twice as a puppy, she just generally doesn't like stairs now...usually fine out back though because it's just a few steps.  I will try clearing the snow and see if she stops her leaping.

  • I have a mini labradoodle named Riley. He has an issue with steps...so it might not be the snow.  My vet tells me it is issues with his back.  so Riley does not do steps.  just ramps. He is beautiful.


    • She has no problem getting up and down stairs, she is just unsure/nervous about them for some reason.  Your labradoodle has an excellent name :)

  • I would keep the stairs and the landing shoveled and some Pet safe salt type mixture on them so that she doesn't slip.  I could see that going bad real quick.  I also just want to put this out there.  The teather and the stairs make me really nervous.  We had a neighbor that used a teather line off of their back deck ... I don't think I need to elaborate on what happened.  I would hate to see that happen to this gorgeous little face.

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