Ok so I doubt anyone knows how to fix this because I'm pretty sure Riley is just being weird...but when I call her in from outside now that there is snow on the steps she jumps right up the first three steps onto the landing.  This wouldn't be a problem except when she jumps she slides forward, carrying a bunch of snow straight from the landing right into the house and all over me.  I kneel down to get her unhooked from her tether when she comes in.  So I end up covered in snow, so does the rug at the entrance, then my 10 month old crawls over and starts eating snow before I can get it  cleaned up..anyway lol it's something silly but it's annoying.

I guess the only thing might be to keep the steps cleared of snow so she remembers she can put her feet there too?  She's always been nervous around steps for some reason, she loves snow though so I'm not sure why she is avoiding the snowy steps.

Here is a pic of the steps, you can see her skid marks on the landing lol.  Silly kangaroo dog.


Bonus pic of Riley just because...shhhhh don't tell DH she is on the couch.


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    • She just goes out there to pee, not much choice with the tether since she can't run free in the yard due to the pool.  The pool does have a safety cover but I don't think it would stand up to her running on it, the instructions say it can be walked on "in emergencies only".  We will be getting a secondary safety fence for the pool but not until spring.  We are also building a full deck in spring so things will be different next winter.

      She is also basically the height of or taller than the few steps from the top to bottom (it's less than 2 feet) so not much chance of an accident of the type I think you are implying.  She is also supervised closely anytime she goes out, partly so she doesn't get into mischief.  I appreciate the word of caution though that would be a terrible accident.  


      Here's another pic I just took with Riley for scale, it's a pretty tiny landing...don't mind the peanut banging on the window lol.  He likes to watch his doggie.


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