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I just wanted to thank so many of you from the bottom of my heart for the massive amount of love and kindness you have extended to me over the past few months as I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows….

I was so amazed at the amount of love bombs I received from people on this page, private messages, face book messages, cards in the mail, cheerleading and encouragement to me.

I could never express my gratitude to those of you who have been so wonderful to me. You may think a kind word or an act of kindness is not very powerful but you are wrong.  For some people it is the difference between life and death, pushing forward or quitting.   I think of Robin Williams almost daily now since he committed suicide and I wonder if he had  support and love or if he just was the one always giving it. It makes me sad.

 I never could have imagined because of my Jack I would meet some of the most loving, kind, and incredibly giving people in the world. People are incredibly good human beings. I know those in rescue see a lot of the not so great people, but if you look right in front of your noses you will see yourselves, amazing, kind, loving, funny and supportive.

Jack has been a means for me to meet some of the most amazing people and I am so grateful.   Most of you who are my friends follow me and know the goings on and if you are you know now more than ever we could use your prayers for a breakthrough in medical technology and an acceptance of at least one surgeon to think I am worth taking a chance on.

Thank you again for your friendship, love and support.

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Blessings and prayers headed your way!

Sending you my best and hoping you receive all that you need.

DK is truly an amazing place!! Keep fighting the good fight Jenn!!

Sending positive vibes your way!


You have to be an incredibly strong person Jennifer.  Dealing with such health issues is not for the "weak".

It is also good of you to take the time to think of others and give your thanks, bless you and Jack.

You are always in our thoughts.  Your incredible outlook  helps me put many things into perspective.  Thank you for sharing. 

Thank you….  We are praying so hard that the appointments coming up will lead to some relief, so Jack and I can get back to the business of living…..  

Best wishes as you continue to push forward on your journey.

Jennifer, I just read and learned your story. To say I am impressed with your courage and determination is an understatement. I am a RN-38 years now. Most in ICU and now case management on the respiratory stepdown/ICU. I have many trach, CF, home vent patients. I understand the problems CF can be with any other resp. issues. I wish my patients that complain about plain O2 or just basic compliance could see what can be done when you want it bad enough.I also know that I have Jazzy now  and it is just me, I realize I have to be more thoughtful in how I take care of myself for her. I hope things all go your way from now on.  I am on facebook as Pam Thomas. I would like to know how you are doing, if it is ok with you. Will be thinking of you., Pam



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