Please read these directions at least twice before submitting photos...I'm not kidding :-)


1) Read the guidelines for photos: -- reading this will help you know what types of photos we accept. VERY important.

2) You will need to email **each** photo as a separate attachment.. Send ONLY ONE photo PER EMAIL--I know this is tedious, but it helps tremendously in sorting photos if you only send ONE photo per email. So if you have 1 photo to submit then you send me one email. If you have 5 photos, you send 5 separate emails.

3) You may submit up to 5 photos PER doodle that belongs to you.

4) In your email include the following info:

  • TYPE of doodle you have that is in the photo (labradoodle or goldendoodle or whatadoodle*)
  • The name(s) of the doodle(s) in the photo.
  • The location of the photo (city/state/country)
  • What your DK Profile name is--so I can tell who you are on DK since most people don't use their full names on DK
  • IF ANY of your photos are professionally taken you must confirm that you have rights to use said photo(s) in a calendar that will be sold. Also if the photographer wants a copyright notice with the photo then please let me know that information. DO NOT submit photos with a logo on them--ask your photographer to give you a photo with no logo first.
  • IF YOU would like credit for your photo, let me know what name you want credited.

5) Send photos by email to: --
be sure that your email account does not shrink or resize photos. Sometimes only teeny tiny photos get through and I can't use teeny tiny photos. See the link for our photo requirements above to know what size photos we accept.

Deadline for Submissions: September 22nd, 2016---please bookmark this discussion or click "Follow" at the bottom of the thread to say up-to-date on any changes which DK Admin reserve the right to make at any time. It will be your responsibility to keep informed on this by reading through the responses to this discussion because these may contain clarification and additional tips.

Selection of final calendar photos will be done by DK Admin and is subject to their best judgment. Final selections usually don't happen until the last week of October--days before the calendar is complete and announced for sale.  Last year it was about a month later.  We will update on Facebook and in this discussion.

Please note that I will not give private feedback on submissions. But if you'd like feedback on your photo before submitting, you can ask for help in our photography group.

Here are some of our past calendars:
* Because Doodle Kisses was created for labradoodle and goldendoodle owners, our two main calendars will only feature labradoodles and goldendoodles. However, our multi-doodle calendar may accept photos of other common doodles. While we love all dogs, we have to stay true to our site's focus and will not include just any dog that may have poodle in its mix. If you have a rescue doodle and are not sure what precise type it is...just take your best guess when listing the type of doodle your dog is.

**As always 25% of all Doodle Kisses annual profits will go to doodle and dog rescue organizations -- this includes profits from calendar sales.

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  • Hi Adina,

    My black goldendoodle, Bear, has been difficult to photograph, but I think I got a picture of him that you might be able to use in your calendar.

    I know that 'mothers' are biased, but I do think Bear's a beautiful boy, with crazy doodle energy.

    Let me know if this picture might be good, ok? Or would you prefer one that shows his long, doodle legs and less goofiness?

    Take care,



    • Hi Leslie, Bear is indeed adorable.  To submit a photo though you have to email it to the address listed in the instructions above, along with the other information regarding name, location, etc. (see number 4 above).

    • Yes I do not give feedback on photos, but you are very welcome to ask for feedback from the members of our photography group. They've been working hard helping others prepare their photos:

    • In checking the pixels on your photo, I think it is too small for submission. It is a nice photo of Bear.  He is beautiful.

  • How does one hear if a photograph has been accepted or being considered for the calendar.? Is it just after all are in and photos are chosen that you see it in there or is there a formal notification that one's photo has been accepted for the calendar.?

    • If your photo is chosen you will get a personal email from Adina letting you know you've made it. :>) That will be after all the photos are chosen and the calendar is getting ready to print.

    • Mozwoeld, sometime around the end of October when I've made my FINAL decisions, those whose photo(s) have been selected for the calendars will be notified by email.  Everyone else will find out when the calendars are ready for sale (within a week of the aforementioned notifications).

  • Important Announcement from Adina! (She asked me to post his here for the reasons you'll see below)


    There is a problem between my internet service provider and the platform that DK runs on.  It is being investigated, but no solution yet. If anyone has questions they need to email me at because I do not have wifi access to DK---it's a problem for ALL local wifi that runs on the same internet service provider, so I can't just go to the library and use their computers, for instance. I have internet, just can't access DK.  

    All calendar stuff will continue as usual.  No change in deadline.  Deadline is today at midnight, Pacific time.  Basically, if gmail says it came by the 22nd it will have made it in time.  If not, then it is late.  However, I have not looked at all the photos yet, so I may still contact someone if a photo came in too small and I'd like another look at it.  So don't worry.  It's not so cut and dry that I won't work with someone if their photo just needs to be re-sent.

    But I can only answer questions by direct email ( or via our facebook page:



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