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Otis was neutered 11 days ago, and he is really ready to run around and play. The instructions the vet originally gave us said restricted activity for the next 10 days. We just called the vet to check if it is okay to let him go to the dog park and play, and they told us we should wait until it had been 2 weeks.They didn't ask about how he was doing, but the incision looks good and he seems to have healed already. Is it okay to let him run now?

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We went through the same thing a couple of months ago. My advice is, wait the extra few days. It's worth it to be done with it once and for all. Better safe than sorry. 

I would NOT go to the dog park for a couple weeks.  Think of the germs there!! And if the incision is even a bit unhealed, I'd be worried about infection.

Thanks for your responses. It's been a bit difficult keeping him calm, he always wants to play with our other doodle. Can't wait until he can run and play again! 

Can I ask what he is wearing for his post-surgery garment?  Would you recommend it?

Jasper had one after his neuter surgery. The vet sold it. Real cute, but it was useless. Jasper licked the incision through the fabric. 

This is what it is:

Here's a recent discussion about this:

It's a suitical recovery suit and it worked really well for Otis. He was pretty good about leaving his incision alone, but if he did try to lick, he would stop if we told him to leave it. Otis used the cone for the first 2 days. The suit was much more comfortable for him.



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