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Added Best Friends Statement Re: Michael Vick Just Signed by the Phila Eagles -

DH just told me that less than an hour ago, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick! Their back-up QB is hurt and they needed one asap so they signed him.

Best Friends Animal Society’s Official Statement on Michael Vick’s return to professional football
Today at 10:24pm
Editor’s Note:
Best Friends Animal Society, which took in 22 of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs in January of 2008, today released the following statement regarding Vick’s announced contract signing with the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League

“Michael Vick has served his time and satisfied the requirements of our legal system. But if he is truly as remorseful as he claims, then he must know in his heart that what he did cannot be undone. In fact, the only true expression of remorse that he could possibly make would be to dedicate the rest of his life to relieving the suffering of animals and helping to bring all dog fighting to an end.

“This being said, Best Friends feels that perhaps the cart is being placed before the horse. Wouldn’t it have been better if, before he was given the privilege of returning to the NFL, he had spent at least one year working for the good of animals? He could have worked as a shelter volunteer, visited community centers, and delivered messages to at-risk children, totally free from the glare of the pro football spotlight. Surely this act of dedication would help us see what truly is in his heart.

“As it is, we’re left to wonder if his expression of repentance is genuine or just part of a well-orchestrated plan to return him to multi-million-dollar, sports megastar status.

“Through our work with the “Vicktory Dogs,” we hope to improve the image of all dogs that are the unfortunate victims of cruelty, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and dogs that resemble pit bulls. Our “Pit Bulls: Saving America’s Dog” campaign is an example of how we are committing time and resources to end dog fighting for good.

“We sincerely believe that our work for the good of the dogs is the best single statement we could possibly make about Vick and dog fighting in general. Our focus remains fixed on helping animals and educating the public until the horrible practice of dog fighting can be eliminated once and for all.

“We hope that people concerned about Vick’s return to football will channel their frustrations into something positive. Take a pit bull for a walk. Volunteer at your local shelter. Better yet, skip an Eagles game and donate what you would have paid for a ticket to the animal welfare organization of your choice.”

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I just read it too, one of my friends posted it on his facebook. Makes me sick.
Me, too. DH is a HUGE Eagles fan! Major POOP!!
Aweful, aweful and aweful. Everyone should shun him. I can NOT believe it!! However this society makes me wonder where we are going anyway. Everyone looks up to a man who cheated on his wife with an intern in the oval office with a cigar AND they call him a hero because he showed up to pick up two girls......makes you want to go hmmmmmmmm.
I am ashamed of PA !! Only Pennsylvania will do stuff like this!! :-(
I saw this on Facebook this morning and assumed it was a joke because it was a fantasy football post, then I turned on the local Fox Philly news channel and they were talking about it! I am totally speechless! I'm from Philly and have been an Eagles fan all of my life! How can I possibly be a fan now?!
Many are writing to all the companies that support the NFL and The Phillies Team to let them know they will not be buying any of their products while they support a MURDERER (Michael Vick).

Major corporate sponsors for the Philadelphia Eagles are MillerBeer, Acme Markets, Verizon Wireless, PepsiCo (nyse: PEP), Chrysler, Sovereign Bank (nyse: SOV), Anheuser-Busch (nyse: BUD), US Airways, 7-11, Best Buy, DunkinDonuts, Heinekin, Taco Bell, Rite Aid, Snapple, Splenda, Tasty Kake, Papa Johns. Naming rights sponsor is Lincoln National (nyse: LNC).

If his name was Joe Blow, would they be giving him a second chance for fame and fortune? Probably not, this is 100% about making money. The only thing they know is making money.
Thank you for giving us this information
Just another case showing that if you are an actor, singer or athlete - you can do what ever you want, and it will be quickly forgotten. I have seen nothing that indicates he is remorseful for anything other than getting caught and losing his former wealth.
? is though why should the rest of the Eagles suffer because of one bad apple, they didn't have a choice in this decission, it's their management.
You can;t tell me that there are NO OTHER talented football players out there without criminal records that they could've hired. They've had long enough to recruit one. ? is though why should a major football league support a person with such low integrity to represent them?
Apparently he received a huge signing deal...I don't think that has been disclosed yet. Makes me sick! Glad my hometeam didn't pick him up.



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