My family has begun the process of adding a new member to the family. What I thought was going to be the hard part, that is picking a breed, turned out to be much easier than picking out a breeder.

We are looking for a Mini Australian Labradoodle that will end up around 20 lbs as an adult. Looking for a wavy fleece coat in gold/apricot/red. Fingers crossed that he/she is a swimmer to coincide with our boating lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we live in middle Tennessee and there doesn't appear to be any breeders in the immediate area. So we are looking nationally.

Our "short" list of breeders is:

-Whispering Winds

-Manor Lake

-Log Cabin (We like the idea of the addition of Charm School)


-Swinging Gate

-Green Gables (I don't think they breed mini's?)

If you have any comments, either pro or con, please feel free to PM me with any details. We are certainly opened to other suggestions as well that we may have overlooked.

Also, I was curious...I see there is the ALAA and the ALCA, is one stricter than the other? It appears than some breeders are a member of one or the other and in some cases both. Is one considered the standard authority?

Please help me stop my head from spinning.

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  • Hi Martin, One of my dogs is from a breeder on your list. I just sent you a private message and a friend request.

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