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Im wondering if my nine month old goldendoodle would  welcome a second one.

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Oh, I'm sure your little one would love having a friend. Personally, I like to spread them out a little bit more than what you're talking about - mine are 5 years, 3 years, and 8 months, but more than one is great. I just like the first to be a fairly well trained adult before I bring another puppy in, and my 8 month old is still pretty crazy. She was bouncing off the back of the couch at 5am this morning, but maybe other people's puppies are more sedate. 

Another thing to think about is that a second dog doubles your costs. Boarding, grooming, feeding, vet bills. The difference between one and two is real.

Yeah I want 2 dogs but 2nd one when Riley is about 5 years old.  She will be well trained and settled down then so she can show new pup the ropes.  Our new baby will be old enough then to understand how to behave around a puppy.

I agree with Stacy; it's best to have the first one fairly well trained before bringing in another pup. That way, the older dog does a lot of the puppy training for you. On the other hand, if the first one isn't trained very well and has some bad habits, (barking, etc), the second one is going to learn those. 
That's the dilemma I've had; I've known Jasper would LOVE a playmate since he was about 6 months old, but I didn''t want him teaching a new pup the wrong things. He's 18 months old and just got his CGC, so now another one seems more doable. 

Thanks so much for advice and input, the age gap definitely makes sense

I agree that a 3-5 year age gap is probably best.  Murphy and Tigger were ten months apart and no problem.  But my children were grown, I only worked parttime and I live in Southern California had a pool in my backyard.  That pool was a lifesaver!  An hour of pool play will really wear out a doodle, better than anything else.

We move so Murphy has not had a pool and I have been glad there was only one of her!   

I wondered the same thing once, would my 18 month old doodle like some company? I probably even discussed it on DK at the time. I remember the advice being to not get another doodle solely for the benefit of my first doodle, only get one if my human family desired one and was aware of what having 2 dogs entailed.  Many things were brought up, like taking one in a car and into a store is much easier than two, the vet, food, treats, grooming costs, pet insurance, along with the day to day maintenance like tooth brushing and combing, walking, exercise, shedding and general dirt they bring in. And then pray they both stay healthy!!

Somehow one seemed so easy, and then there were two! And yes all those things do change and add up and matter but of course we love our second so much we can't imagine life without her. The deciding factor was however, that our first had horrific separation anxiety that just left him paralyzed with fear. He'd crouch in a corner and cry and howl, besides urinate and poop. He was absolutely miserable. We were with him most of the time since puppyhood, so when we had to start to leave him, around 12-18 months old, it was very scary for him.

He is now going on 11 yrs old and is still a very anxious dog and there are situations we have learned to avoid with him during this time, but I have to say that adding Bella did make all the difference with his separation anxiety.  He is never alone now and on the rare occasion I have to take her away from home, we make sure one of us stays behind for Murphy.  So in our case, having a second greatly improved our first's dogs life, and ours. Having said that, if I were to do it over again, I think that one would have been enough, for all the above mentioned reasons. Just be certain that you have extra time and money for your second, because they require both every bit as much as the first.  

Just recently brought in a second doodle and it’s been a bit “ruff”.

Our first is now 12 and the puppy has been a bit too active for her taste. Literally hops over her, back and forth as she’s trying to eat.

Getting better, but agree that 2-4 years difference would likely be ideal. Get the first trained up, and still active to keep up with the pup.

Ultimately, after adding our second, I’ve learned more doodles=more better.



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