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Hello everyone! I have a question about adding another puppy to my household. I have an 11 week old Goldendoodle male that I've had since he was 8wks.  I really want a playmate for him.  I was considering on adding an 8 week female Goldendoodle this week. I have my eyes on one.  Is it okay to add her to my home, or is it too early? Here is the photo of the girl I'm thinking about adopting3662124687?profile=RESIZE_710x3662125055?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Are you home all day?  Do you have small children?   And while they aren't technically litermates, I would think they could end up bonding like litermates can.  That can create a lot of issues if you aren't on top of it.  I can tell you from personal experience that 2 puppies are A LOT of work.  If you aren't home all day, I think this would be a little much to handle.  I was home all day and it was still a lot of work.


    • It's not even the early puppy stage that concerns me most... it's the later puppy "teenage" phase at 6 mo-1 year where I'd be completely losing my mind with 2 of them lol.  That could also be because I have 2 small kids so adding a second puppy to that mix is a giant no from me haha.

      • Haha no I understand! I do not have children so maybe I'd have more time to spare lol.  I also will soon have a live in family member with me, so that'll help with some of the slack. I'm not too familiar with the teenage years and characteristics.  But I would love to have a playmate for my little guy and I'm up for the challenge!  Thank you so much for replying!  Would love to know more about these teen years and what too expect

        • Just when training seems to be coming along nicely they get bigger, more rebellious and start destroying things they never touched before.  We are starting to be on the other side of it now (Riley is 15 months) but for a while she would just grab anything she could and try to tear it to shreds.  Wayyyyy easier when you don't have kids, we didn't have kids when we got Luna and it was a lot more manageable.  All the extra toys around makes for a lot of temptation for a puppy.

    • I'm at home a lot and work from there. When I'm working from the office, I bring the puppy with me. I'm definitely up for the challenge and enjoy spending time teaching and raising my puppy.  Earlier this year my boss and his wife had bought a Goldendoodle puppy then they were out of town for almost 4 months. I raised his puppy and found it very rewarding.  My boss already had a 3yr Cavapoo.  I really admired the dynamic between the two dogs.  I'd love to have a buddy for my pup and I would love for them to have a strong bond.  I'm more than up for the challenge!  Thank you so much for your feedback!  Greatly appreciated!

  • Everyone is different, so you have to do what is right for you, but I wouldn't do two dogs that young at the same time. I have 3 - a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and an almost 1 year old. Obviously I love having multiple dogs. But for me, I want one to be out of the crazy puppy stage before I bring home another crazy puppy. One thing to take into consideration is that 11 weeks is really young. Your pup is still sort of in that sweet, sleepy, baby stage. I find that when they turn 4, 5, 6 months old they turn into this crazy ball of energy who wants to eat everything, dig in the mud, rearrange the furniture, and basically needs all of your attention. I can't imagine doing justice to two of them in that stage at once. But people do it. All 3 of mine think the house is a race track and they're bouncing off the walls and the bed, but at least the older two aren't trying to also eat the curtains.

    • Haha your house is like a race track!  And my puppy, Django is definitely out the sweet sleepy stage. He's such a huge ball of energy and loves the taste of curtains.  I love the dynamic of two together, but everything everyone is sharing with me is definitely appreciate your input!  I will keep everyone posted on what decision I make tomorrow. Thank you again!

  • My husband and I once went to get a golden retriever puppy and ended up going home with the last two pups of the litter.  We actually left with one, then turned around, went back and got the last pup.  They were a lot of work!  What I remember most was how almost impossible it was to train them.  They were so worried about each other whenever we separated them, that they were almost untrainable.  They ended up being great dogs (as most golden retrievers are), but the first few years were rough.  Also, they were much more laid back than my goldendoodle.  I think my current doodle is much smarter than the golden retrievers were and just more intense all the way around.  Two doodles would be a lot to handle.  I would never get two at once again.  My advice would be to wait a couple years until the first one calms down and is well trained.  Also, the grooming of a goldendoodle is A LOT if you haven't had a dog that needs grooming before. 

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience!  I loved how you mentioned about turning around and getting the last one!  Would love to know more about your experiences with rasing two pups! I can see what the cons are for sure, I'm also interested in what things you liked best about having both pups.  Thanks again for replying to my post!

      • I think it was nice for the dogs to have each other for companionship.  When they were a year old, we had our first child and they didn't get nearly as much attention for a couple years, but it was great when my kids were a little older to have the two goldens.  They were house dogs and one slept on each kids bed for a time. They were laid back, gentle dogs.  The larger one died of bloat when they were about five or six years old and the remaining lived to be 13.  

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