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Hello everyone! I have a question about adding another puppy to my household. I have an 11 week old Goldendoodle male that I've had since he was 8wks.  I really want a playmate for him.  I was considering on adding an 8 week female Goldendoodle this week. I have my eyes on one.  Is it okay to add her to my home, or is it too early? Here is the photo of the girl I'm thinking about adopting3662124687?profile=RESIZE_710x3662125055?profile=RESIZE_710x

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        • Thank you so much for sharing that! You're Golden Retrievers sounded like perfect dogs! So cute that they slept with your kids! So sorry to hear about the one passing so early! 

  • We had a year old goldendoodle female we got from a rescue.  She got so we felt she was having anxiety when we had to leave her at home so a year later we got another rescue who was a year old also.  Both had to be trained even though they were older because they came from a kennel where they were trained on paper inside.  They were very happy together.  The first one passed away last year but the second dog has been ok being on his own.

    • Hey thanks for your input!  And so sorry to hear about your doodle passing!  That's really sad. Glad  the other one is taking it well.  What were some of the things you enjoyed most about having two doodles and what did you find most challenging?  Thanks again for sharing

      • My two seemed to get along most of the time.  Sometimes they would get in scuffles.  I imagine thats pretty normal.  My boy wanted to play sometimes and the girl was like dont bother me, and would let him know it.  They shared their food just fine from one dish taking turns even tho the breeder said they wouldnt.  Likely because she was being stingy with food at the kennel. They both took to sleeping on the bed with us once the second one came because they thought the one on the bed was getting more attention but they also swapped places on the bed every few nights like they were taking turns sharing the humans lol.  Now the boy takes turns sleeping on the floor or the bed on his own whim since she is gone.  My girl did do better about our leaving them at home alone for sometimes long periods of time once we brought home the boy.  I guess I'd have to say, having chronic illness, the hardest thing for me was keeping two of them groomed and their yard cleaned up.  Other than that they both had wonderful personalities.  The girl was much more cuddly and loved laying her head on me and showing affection, whereas the boy loved to play fetch and was more active but not so cuddly, very much an active little boy.  Still he had a special place in my heart right from the beginning and now I dont know what I'll ever do when his life span is up, he's my boy. I do miss the girly cuddles too tho.  I did have more trouble with the girl having a lot of anxiety and never did trust her too much around small children and didnt like strangers being too forward, she wanted to take her time to get to know people but then she was fine with them.

        • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing all that!  I love hearing about their dynamic between one another!  I love the energy between two pups!  So funny how you're two dogs would take turns with the humans haha.  I really appreciate you sharing all that!  I love hearing everyone's experiences raising two pups!

  • In my opinion, I'd advise you to wait.  It is very fun to really concentrate on your puppy and enjoy him, train him, be patient with him. hve lots of time for him.Then, when he is truly on his own, you can get another puppy to do the same with and truly enjoy that puppy.  I like to space my dogs by several years - just my preference.

    • I agree with Nancy.  I would wait.  I don’t speak from experience like Nancy, but I just feel that for me it was so nice to dedicate my time to Nala.  Puppies are a handful and there is plenty of time to add another pup to the mix later on.  But that being said the choice is what did you decide??? :)

      Christine & Nala

    • I agree with Nancy, too. You need to create a strong bond with the one you have before getting another one. That happens from lots of one-on-one time, training, etc. It's so much easier to bring in a second one when the first one is already well-trained; the older one will do much of the work for you, and the younger one will learn by example.

      One thing to know: There is not a single reputable breeder of any kind of dog who would sell someone two puppies at the same time, or even within less than 6 months of each other. Littermate Syndrome is real, and if you don't know what that is, google it.
      Reputable rescue groups won't even adopt adult dogs to people who have had their current dog for less than 6 months, because of issues of bonding with the humans rather than with the other dogs.

    • Hey thank you for responding to my post!  My main concern is still being able to bond with my current puppy, Django.  I love him so much and only want the best for him.  I've raised two dogs before, but I'm a first time Goldendoodle owner and want to know what's best for them.  During my research, I've found a lot of testimony of people who adopted 2 Goldendoodle puppies at once.  They seem to really go great together and bond really strong.  Thank you again for your advice, it's very helpful :)

      • I could also give you several examples of doodle puppy littermates who did NOT do great together and who had to be separated, with one or both being relinquished to doodle rescue. It happens all the time.

        The thing is, you really don't want two dogs to bond "really strong" to one another, because that's detrimental to them and to your relationship with them. Their strongest bond should be with YOU.

        Goldendoodles are dogs; just dogs. There is nothing different about them than about any other dog breed or mix. What's best for all dogs is what's best for them. And what's best for any dog is to have a strong partnership & bond with his or her owner.
        I will say again, regardless of what testimonies you may have read, NO reputable breeder would sell two puppies to the same home at the same time. 

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