Adult Coat and Weight Predictions?

Hello! I am getting my puppy in two weeks. So exciting!! I couldn't really tell how she would look at 5 weeks (when I picked her out), but now at 7 weeks it might be a little clearer. Parents are a 45 pound standard poodle and about 60 pound english cream golden retriever. She looks like she has short legs, do you guys think that she'll be short? Here's Ellie! :3


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  • Hard to tell.  I understand that at about 8 weeks (+/- a couple days) is when dogs structure/proportions approximate their adult structure/proportions most closely as far as guessing from a young puppy.  It's possible she'll have more golden retriever build.  Time will tell!  The poodle and retriever are probably similar height.  Typically a 60 lb retriever is SHORTER than a 60 lb poodle and probably closer to the height of that poodle.

  • To make any guess I'd want photos of her standing up in relation to her littermates and maybe see her parents. 

  • Also about weight....usually you can take the 16 week weight, double it and add 5-10# for a reasonable estimate of what your dog will weigh as an adult.


    • I'm going to nitpick a little bit here. 16 weeks does not equal 4 months. :)
      It's the weight at 4 months, which is actually 17.33333 weeks, lol

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    Here is her from others angles. I'll send some more when she's 2 and 4 monthss old then. Thank you. :)

    • Friends have a rescue goldendoodle (they DNA'd her and she is a pure poodle/golden mix - nothing else). She has a longer body and short legs.  Her legs are very similar looking to your pup's. She was about 8 months old in the two photos with the sweater. She had to be shaved down due to mats.  The third photo is at about a year and a half with her pretty coat all grown out.  You can see that her legs are very short.7879869677?profile=RESIZE_400x7879887486?profile=RESIZE_400x















      • This dog looks like he has chondrodysplasia. 

        • Agreed.  One of our rescues.  We all guessed she had another breed in her, but she doesn't. 

          •  Is that a mini doodle. She looks smaller than a standard (might just be the legs though). Apparently medium and mini doodles tend to have shorter legs from the height difference? Is this true? 

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