Adult Coat and Weight Predictions?

Hello! I am getting my puppy in two weeks. So exciting!! I couldn't really tell how she would look at 5 weeks (when I picked her out), but now at 7 weeks it might be a little clearer. Parents are a 45 pound standard poodle and about 60 pound english cream golden retriever. She looks like she has short legs, do you guys think that she'll be short? Here's Ellie! :3


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            • She is a mini. As to shorter legs on a mini because it's a mini- not in my experience. 

            • Minis absolutely do not have shorter legs than standards, in relation to the length of their backs, ANY breed. The proportion is the proportion, regardless of scale. 
              Case in point, my purebred Miniature Poodle at 6 months of age. 

              • Oops. My bad. The internet is misleading. Thank you for the input.

      • I know that its not about the looks but I do hope that she gets longer legs.

        • But it is about the looks also.  Once we bond with the dog looks are less important but while we are looking, we have something in mind. 

          • Everyone in my family wants different things in our doodle (straight coat, super curly, wavy, open faced, furnishings...). We'll just have to see how she turns out I guess. :P

            • Then you will get what you want since your family wants all the differences possible between them.  :-)

              • Thats true. Haha.

  •  OMG! my puppy looks exactly like her, and I live in Toronto! where did you get your puppy from? They might be related :)

    • I'm not sure what the name of the farm is, but likely not related. This is his first litter of goldendoodles, but he has experience breeding golden retrievers. Our breeder lives in Beeton, Ontario. 

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