Hey guys, my F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppy just got weighted at the vet. At around 11 weeks she weighs 6.2 kg (13.7). After looking at a lot of other posts, is this very small for her age or do you think that she will have a growthspurt later or should I be concerned? I'm not sure if this added information will help but she doesn't eat the recommended amount of food that she is suppose to in the day but the vet says that it's normal. Any predictions or reasons as to why she seems a lot lighter than other doodles. 

(her mom is a 45 lb standard poodle; dad is a 60 pound english cream goldenretriever)

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  • Doesn't seem that small to me.  My big standard doodle came home at 12 lbs around 8.5 weeks old and I think she was gaining about a pound a week at that point.  She was 15.8 pounds at 11 weeks old.  She is a bigger dog though (half giant breed - she is a bernedoodle) and topped out around 80 lbs so I would expect your pup to be smaller.

    If the vet says your puppy is doing ok, stools are good and puppy has plenty of energy I'm sure she is eating enough.

    • Okay, thank you. Nice to hear that.

  • For a 45-60 lb weight range, that is just right.  
    To give you perspective, my very large Rosco weighed about 10# per month.  So 3 months = 30lbs, 4 months = 40 lbs, and so on until he slowed down after 8 months and topped off about 95#.

    My standard poodle puppy was 11lbs 1oz at 9.5 weeks and 13lbs at 10.5 weeks.  He's expected to be about 50# so weight wise your pup is right between her parents.  It's not uncommon for first generation doodles to outgrow their parents, but yours seems right in line with the weight range.  

    One thing to remember is that poodles and retrievers have very different body types.  So a 45 lb poodle *could be* as tall as the 60 lb retriever, one is just lankier and the other stockier.  

    • I was shocked looking at some descriptions of poodle dams on breeder website... one female was as about as tall as Riley and was only 47 lbs to Riley's 75-80 lbs!  She definitely has more of the Bernese stockiness than I thought but she is "square" like a poodle, I think her limbs/body are thicker though.

      • Poodles usually weigh less than you think they do. They are muscular but fine-boned, which is part of what makes them so good at agility and other performance sports. When you see some doodle breeder claiming that a Poodle stud weighs 70 or 80 lbs, there is something very wrong there, lol. 

        • That was Rosco's dad.  28" tall and 80 lbs...or something like that.  They bred poodles (friend of Rosco's breeder) but they were NOT show breeders ;-) 

          • See, I would have known that anyone who bred an 80 lb Poodle wasn't a show breeder, lol. 

            • Of course.  That was a 14 years ago.  I didn't know anything about poodles or much about dogs and was thankful both parents were fully health tested!

    • Nice to know, thank you. 

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