Hi all, my dog groomer is moving to Austin within the year. I am writing on her behalf. She would like to continue grooming in Austin. She needs to find some reputable grooming salons that she can contact to begin her search. She has a very good reputation here (SF Bay Peninsula Area) as a doodle groomer but also grooms all different dogs. My doods are 9 and 11 and she has been grooming them since they were pups.If anyone out there can PM me with suggestions I would really appreciate it. Our loss is Austin's gain as I have no clue as to what we are going to do without her. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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  • Isn't it traumatic when a trusted groomer moves away? No lie, I cried for days when mine abandoned me. Now I groom them myself. Sorry I can't be any help about Austin, but I feel like there's always a market for a great groomer. Their reputation spreads.

    • Thanks, I hope it works out for her. She was like a daughter to me. You are brave....there is no way I could groom my dogs. I applaud you!!!

  • I live in Austin and use a mobile grooming service, Hairy Hound, as I have 3 doodles. They are excellent and have a lot of clients, I have to schedule appointments about a month ahead of time. I also have a friend who uses Groomingdales which is a traditional brick and mortar grooming salon located in central Austin. They have 4-5 groomers I believe. Austin is a dog loving city so I suspect she won't have any trouble finding a good grooming salon. 

    • Thank you!!!! I will pass on this information to Jess.


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