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Hi All,

Here are the details on my current situation. I apologize in advance for all of he info:  My almost 2 year old had a really mushy poop on our lunch time walk on Friday. Got home and she had had diarrhea in her crate while I was at work. Cleaned everything up and switched her to a boiled chicken/rice diet. She doesn't eat the rice but loves the chicken. I also add in some plain greek yogurt. Her energy levels Saturday were good. We went on a 3.5 mile walk and she played with her neighbor friends in the afternoon. Saturday night I got risky and decided to give her kibble again. She ate all of the kibble as normal. Well, Saturday night she woke me up almost every 2 hours to go outside and poop. Poop again was runny. Sunday morning went back to the chicken/yogurt diet. Poop Sunday night was runny but more of a brown than yellow. Her energy levels were also normal on Sunday (she had zoomies, played with her toys, and had an appetite for the chicken). Last night was fine. This morning she vomited around 5:30 AM (she had been eating grass over the weekend). Energy levels still seem normal and she ate all of her chicken/yogurt this morning. She refused to get in her crate this morning so I dropped her at my parents house instead. She had a poop this morning but it was similar to the one last night.  

In summary:

Loose poop since Friday

1 instance of vomiting

Appetite seems normal

Energy level seems normal

Any advice? Will this clear on its own after a few days on a chicken diet? Or should I take her to the vet?

Only difference in her normal kibble diet is that for the past two weeks I have been giving her Fromm kibble with grains mixed in with her grain-free Fromm kibble. Not sure if the grains would have anything to do with this but am mentioning just in case.


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That's pretty normal. Sometimes it's because of excessive stool volume.



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