I have Meg and she is the World Champion Shedder! If it was an event at the Olympics we are confident that she would have the gold. My husband sits in the yard with her and her sister, Polly, and brushes Meg several times a day out there and just lets the excess hair blow where it will. The first time this happened was two years ago but it just happened again, when the winds get high these little nests are just not anchored well enough.  This is a little hummingbird nest and that lining you see inside it is Meg's hair. I think it is the sweetest thing ever...I feel like somehow she is a nanny to those tiny little hummingbirds.


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  • This makes my day! Sweetest thing ever!

    The late, great Jackdoodle could have given Meg a run for her money in the shedding department. I imagine his hair helped keep many baby birds warm over the years. :)

  • Wow, that is wonderful.

  • Way to go Meg! Those birds sure have some warm, soft nests thanks to you!

  • I just love this little nest! And yes, Meg is their nanny. So adorable! And bless your husband for doing all that brushing outdoors. 

  • I've aways hoped there were nests out there with Cas, Thule, Rosco, and Boca hairs out there!

  • Aw, that is so cute :)  What a nice nesting material.

    Luna could have definitely lined some nests with all the hair we furminated out of her coat and I often did it outside.  Riley we mostly groom in the basement so not much chance of birds snagging some of her soft undercoat!

  • That's wonderful! We put our hairbrush leavings out for the birds but we haven't seen a completed nest.  So cool!

  • So sweet!!  Shedding?  You cannot talk Shedding unless you have had a Siberian Husky!!  Love this post and the nest. thanks for making me smile


    • That's so cute. A little extra padding for the birds.

      I agree with Maryann, you can't talk about shedding unless you have a dog non poodle dog. :) Our last Australian Shepherd could have given Meg a run for her money. When dogs transition their coat from winder to summer and shed like crazy, we could have made an entire fur coat! Here's a pic of her in action.


    • I had Samoyeds growing up.  The blew their coat seasonally when we filled grocery bags of fur, but I don't remember tons of shedding in between times.  We did brush them weekly.  Clancy sheds in all seasons, and there is no brushing an undercoat out to cut down on it.  He does not shed as much as a shepherd or lab but there are both dust bunnies and hairs on everything.

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