So im bringing this little girl home on 7-31 i cant wait, just talked with the breeder, she said they are getting so big so fast!!!! only a few more weeks!!!! i have her HUGE crate already set up, will have to find some kind of divider so it wont be so big, they only had xtra large at walmart lol. as far as names go we r not sure yet, once she comes home we will know for sure any suggestions on what she looks like???? any help please would be apreciated!!!! thanks

our new puppy!.jpg

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  • She is too cute!! I am into flower names like Iris, Violet, Daisy: jewel names like Opal; and food names like Olive and Mango. My daughter-in-law just got a Whippet puppy that she named after her favorite childhood book = Pippi (Pippi Longstocking). Hope these suggestions get you to thinking about things you like.
  • Oops, I think i deleted my response. I will try to repeat it. I think your pup's picture is darling. As to names right now, I am partial to flowers like Iris, Violet, Daisy; jewels like Opal (look at her coloring!); and foods like Olive and Mango. My daughter-in-law named her new Whippet puppy Pippi (Pippi Longstocking) after her favorite childhood book. I hope these suggestions get you thinking in groups of types of names your tongue likes.
  • aww thanks for all the name suggestions!! i love Olive.....i love olives to begin with lol.....i was thinking of Ruby cuz there was one of my fav books as a kid was about a dog named rhubarb, in short ruby....
  • Where is she coming from? Do you have any special interests that you could tie into a name. What about a favoriite language your like and using a word from it. I had Cinnamon and Jasmine,Penny, Norm and Amber and now Neely
    • shes is coming from a breeder that lives like 15 minutes away....we live up in north idaho in the panhandle
  • Aww.......SOoo cute! Congratulations!
  • OMG, absolutely adorable! What size will she be?
    • thanks shes a standard F1b
  • Georgous puppy....I like using regular people names for my dogs if I am naming them, and Irish names Briana, Darcy, Fiona, Nola, Nessa...just a few...I also really love the name Noga in jewish it means Light or bright of luck picking a name..write down what you like and when your puppy is home..see if she responds to the names you picked.
    • I love Gaelic names alot.
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