My sister got a sweet f1b goldendoodle and we get to baby sit for the next 2weeks. She took her to the vet and everything was good but she was told she had full anal glands (she was scooting) so they fixed that for her. I’ve already bathed her but she kind of has like a skunk smell and I’ve noticed she’s scooting again. She said she would call her vet when they open Friday Morning and see what they suggest. I should also mention she’s having soft bowel movements, but she said her fecal exams came back clean.

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  • Soft bowel movements contribute to anal gland problems, because the stool isn't firm enough to put pressure on the glands when it passes, and therefore the anal glands don't empty normally. It sounds like this pup needs more fiber in her diet and a good probiotic, (like Proviable DC), which helps with proper stool formation. She might also need a food with a higher protein content. 

  • I have some at home but wasn’t sure if it to give her some since she’s only 5 pounds lol3367108059?profile=original

    • How old is this puppy? She looks very young. Has she had a fecal done? 

    • She’s 7 weeks and a couple of days I believe. She said a fecal was done and it came back ckean. I haven’t noticed any scooting until today. 

  • Really? I wasn’t even aware of that law I guess since I haven’t dealt with a puppy in awhile. She got her this Monday. 

  • Poo problems is how we started out too.  Anal issues.  I used to have the groomer express anal glands every grooming.  Also had Skadi to the Vet over and over for anal issue problems.  Diarrhea, itching, ear infections.  I finally changed her diet to the controversial raw.  However, I have been extremely successful and encourage folks to look into feeding raw.  BTW...we do NOT have the groomer express anal glands any more.  P.S. An awfully cute puppy!  Good luck.

  • Our pup had the same problem. Holistic vet offered the idea of adding water and blanched vegetables to his food bowl and or water and pumpkin (you can use Libby's canned (it is real pumpkin).  Once this routine began we never returned to the vet to have his anal glands expressed. Every once in a while it would occur over time, but was easily remedied in a day or so by keeping to the above.

    • This makes a lot of sense, and it sounds like you have a good vet. 
      One money-saving tip; instead of buying the canned pumpkin, you can use sweet potato. Bake in your microwave (9 minutes on the baked potato setting on my microwave) and then you can just peel it with your fingers once it cools, and mash it with a fork. Not even any pots to wash, and it will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for 5-7 days. 

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