All you active members deserve recognition for your participation... and now you will have your moment of glory, one by one! The award for your addiction...ahem...I mean valuable contribution to Doodle on its way!

Have you noticed the "My Ranking" on your profile page? Based on your participation on Doodle Kisses you have earned points and a ranking anywhere from "Doodle Curious" (for the newbie) to "Doodle Fancier" all the way up to "Hopeless Doodle Addict."

Starting with the "Hopeless Doodle Addict" with the most points we will be passing on a Trophy to all our Doodle Kisses members who reach "Hopeless Doodle Addict" Status.

The trophy is now on its way to Ann Bankert (the next in line on the leaderboard) along with a little gift just for Ann. When Ann receives the trophy, she will keep the gift but must pass on the trophy to the NEXT person in line. BUT before passing on the trophy, she must photograph herself with her doodles and the trophy and post the photo as a new discussion. She will also send on a special "little something" ($5 max, please) just from her to the next person! And so on...down the line until the last Hopeless Doodle Addict has possession of the trophy. At that time, that individual will hold on to the trophy until the next member reaches Hopeless Doodle Addict status...and the fun will continue from there.

Sound fun? Are you in?

You will get notified when you are next in dust off your mantle!

Here I am, a completely, shameless, "Hopeless Doodle Addict" with my two sweeties Rosco & Thule (labradoodles):

(click the trophy cup on your "My Ranking" to see where you are in the ranking line-up)
**Note: Please do not abuse this system by posting SPAM or frivolous comments or just randomly joining all groups (whether they are of interest to you or not) just to gain points - your postings MAY be deleted and your points will be automatically deducted.


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  • What a fun idea! I am in! Just how long have those with the "Hopeless Doodle Addict" Status take to get there?
    • Not too terribly long! if you hover over the trophy cup with your mouse:

      you will get a description of how to earn points and important details about earning points.
  • You are always coming up with the most fun ideas. We're all hopeless :-)
  • Another great idea, we get to see the people behind the doodles.
  • That is so cool, I am not getting my doodle until June, but I am a hopeless addict!!!!....I read this site everyday and just love it, and of course the weekly doodle pictures are fantastic!!!....Count me in please....
    • Sure! Everyone is welcome to tell about the gift they received!
  • Oooh goody! Cool contest idea! I always hoped someday I would reach "Hopeless Doodle Addict!"
    • Hopeless Doodle Addict has always been a goal for me also Nicole!!
      Now you might get a trophy to share too! WOW!!
      I was happy working for the title!
      Ann deserves to be number one, she has a kind comment for everyone.
      Can't wait to see your trophy moment, Ann!
  • VERY cute pic look rather comfortable in that crate ;- )
    • legs were bent and folded beyond what I thought they could be...and DH kept telling me "go in further!"
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