A few days ago I added this discussion:


and posted this pic of Knox for the next round of Snap, Caption & Post:















After reviewing the captions, I am tickled pink to announce the winner:

                                            Sheila and Finnley!


My DH and I really laughed at Sheila's caption of "aaaah another weekend, whether I smoke it...eat it... or roll in it...the results are always the same. They find me laid out like this on Monday morning!"


When I originally posted this pic, I was thinking of possible captions along the lines of a spa seaweed treatment.  Boy, oh boy, was this little Southern girl surprised at the direction most of y'all went!!!   Some of you DK'ers  really cracked me up -- especially BruceGirl's DH who mentioned "Twinkies!" 


So, thanks all of y'all for playing along with me with this Round and please join me in congratulating Sheila and Finnley!




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  • Congratulations, Sheila! Great caption! Can't wait to see you in The Shirt!

  • Congratulations to Sheila and Finnley on a great caption that made me laugh!

  • Congratulations Sheila, now comes the hard part.

  • Great job, Shiela! Looking forward to the photos. ;o)
  • Hopefully, Sheila won't go into hiding! 

  • Congratulations Sheila!  Well done!  Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Shirt!  Can't wait to see you in The Shirt!

  • OMD, I am laughing. 360 Really ?? Ha ha can't believe my twisted humor won ! I am honored. Gosh I hope the shirt will survive leaving the genteel arms of the South, to head waaaay up North !
    Thank you Doris, what do I do now ?
    • Congrats Sheila, don't worry about the shirt, it's been north before. I did love your caption and we do love a twisted sense of humor. If you join the Warped Humor Group you'll find out just how twisted. :>)

      • Well Donna, the Warped Humor Group was probably the first one I joined, after joining DK of course ! :)

    • Sheila, I going to friend you now!
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