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A few days ago I added this discussion:

and posted this pic of Knox for the next round of Snap, Caption & Post:














After reviewing the captions, I am tickled pink to announce the winner:

                                            Sheila and Finnley!


My DH and I really laughed at Sheila's caption of "aaaah another weekend, whether I smoke it... or roll in it...the results are always the same. They find me laid out like this on Monday morning!"


When I originally posted this pic, I was thinking of possible captions along the lines of a spa seaweed treatment.  Boy, oh boy, was this little Southern girl surprised at the direction most of y'all went!!!   Some of you DK'ers  really cracked me up -- especially BruceGirl's DH who mentioned "Twinkies!" 


So, thanks all of y'all for playing along with me with this Round and please join me in congratulating Sheila and Finnley!




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Thanks everyone for your congrats. Really, getting to wear the shirt AND be photographed also will be an honor !

I hope I can do it justice.

Stay tuned.....

Oh, Sheila, I have no doubt that you can do it justice! Can't wait!

Congrats Sheila - well deserved.  Looking forward to the next round!

Doris- DH says thanks for the honourable mention ;)

BG -- You and your DH were top contenders! Thanks to both of you for playing!

Woo Hoo....congratulations Sheila!  Nice job, managed to pick a winner in spite of what I'm assuming was a HUGE weekend celebration of your "Johnny".

Jane, our community is going absolutely CRAZY!! We went to a "watching" party, and the whole place ERUPTED! This is just HUGE for our university!

Congrats Doris!!!!  

My DH just purchased our tickets to the Cotton Bowl!  We are so pumped!

OMD that sounds like fun! CONGRATS! 

Now that Round 17 is wrapped and it's been a smashing success, I took a last look at Knox sprawled on that beach (that is a great photo) and will leave you with one final thought ...SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: The Doodle Swimsuit Edition.

On to Round 18 :))

Cheryl, That is FUNNY!  LMAO!! 

My nephew and brother-in-law are at the annoucement of Heisman every year, since B-I-L is on the committee--they met Johnny and said he is really nice--tonight is the black-tie dinner--they go and get photos taken!

Congrats to Sheila!!!!! Best caption FOR SURE!! I bet Knox was very hungry after the pic was taken....think about it....

Wear it proud Sheila and good luck with the new Snap, Caption and Post.



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