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A few days ago I added this discussion:

and posted this pic of Knox for the next round of Snap, Caption & Post:














After reviewing the captions, I am tickled pink to announce the winner:

                                            Sheila and Finnley!


My DH and I really laughed at Sheila's caption of "aaaah another weekend, whether I smoke it... or roll in it...the results are always the same. They find me laid out like this on Monday morning!"


When I originally posted this pic, I was thinking of possible captions along the lines of a spa seaweed treatment.  Boy, oh boy, was this little Southern girl surprised at the direction most of y'all went!!!   Some of you DK'ers  really cracked me up -- especially BruceGirl's DH who mentioned "Twinkies!" 


So, thanks all of y'all for playing along with me with this Round and please join me in congratulating Sheila and Finnley!




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Congratulations! Good luck with all this....

Congrats Sheila! This was a fun one!!! Can't wait for the next!



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